College Years

Al was the news director and chief news correspondent for the college radio station Golden Eagle Radio at Cal State University Los Angeles. He started the news program there from scratch after the station launched over the air in April 2015.

Two of his signature news programs he started include the latest weekly news headlines called “The 3 Minute Newsflash,” which includes Al airing the news as the first live broadcast at the station of any program over the air, ever. He also started a news program about campus news, pop culture, and social media called 2 Minutes on You.

Al finished his tenure at the station by launching the first regularly scheduled news opinion program called, “Al Castro’s Off the Wire,” as part of his internship at the station. Al gave commentary and analysis of the latest headlines, moderated news panels, and hosted guests on his show.

He also collaborated with other students on documentary projects with topics ranging from police use of force to LBGT issues.

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